Various tomatoes

Various tomatoes

I’ve been harvesting tomatoes in onesies and twosies for a few weeks now, but with the recent heat I’m finally getting full batches of tomatoes ripening at once. I smell tomato sauce making and canning in my future this weekend. Yum.



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3 Responses to Tomatoes

  1. kitsapfg says:

    Exciting stuff isn’t it?! After such a cool summer to be provided with this late season warm up is a true blessing. Not sure if I will end up with enough at one time to do some diced tomatoes AND sauce, but I have some hope for the sauce because I have been popping some of the ones and twosies into the freezer and if I keep getting some tomatoes over the coming weeks that are not enough at any time to do a batch – I plan to keep doing that until I have enough to do a batch of so of sauce.

  2. I’ve got at least 10 lbs of tomatoes in my basket. I also bought a 25 lb box of Romas from my favorite fruit stand, the Yakima Fruit Market in Bothell. So, I’ll be doing some sauce today!


  3. Your tomatoes look great! I live in zone 10 so we are just getting ready to put our seedlings in the ground, I can’t wait for those delicious homegrown tomatoes! Until then I guess I’ll just have to drool over yours 🙂

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