The best Mother’s Day present and garlic potatoes

Derek power washing the greenhouse

Derek power washing the greenhouse

Derek provides the strong back in our gardening relationship. I dream up all sorts of projects and Derek gets roped in when something exceeds my strength or patience level. Today, without any prompting, Derek volunteered to power wash the greenhouse.  Garden house glass (or polycarbonate in our case) eventually gets a build up of pollen and mildew on the outside. This reduced the sun flow into the greenhouse so it has to be cleaned occasionally. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Moles thwarted by hardware cloth

Moles thwarted by hardware cloth

After a long battle with moles that involved digging out all our raised beds and installing hardware cloth, I am seeing signs of victory. First, I have seen zero evidence of moles in the beds. Second, I’m finding spots outside the beds where they have tunneled up. This proves they are still digging heavily in the areas around the beds, but they can’t get in. Awesome.

Potatoes growing in the garlic bed

Potatoes growing in the garlic bed

I’ll end with a couple of interesting things I’ve noticed in the garden. First, I’ve got potatoes growing in my garlic bed. As part of the mole project, I had to completely dig out and redo this bed. I took out every left over potato I could find. Apparently, a few remained in the soil. I’m wondering if the two can cohabitate or if the potatoes will try to choke out the garlic. Any thoughts on this?

Rhubarb flower

Rhubarb flower

Second, one of my rhubarb plants has flowered. I’ve never seen this before. Based on some quick online research, the consensus was to chop out the flowering stalk as it would take too much energy away from edible stalk production. So, interesting as the flower would have been to grow, I’ve chopped it out.

Next time, I’ll post about the new baby chicks. Yes, more chicks.



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2 Responses to The best Mother’s Day present and garlic potatoes

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Could you send Derek over? I washed my greenhouse panels earlier this year but the onset of the spring pollen has made them ready for another cleaning. Happy day that your mole proofing is working – makes all that work worth it. I get potatoes volunteering all the time, no matter how carefully I clean out a bed. Unfortunately, unless they have lots of room surrounding them, they will overwhelm just about any other plant in the bed. I always pull them out. Unfortunately it is hard ot get the source tuber without damaging the neighboring plants so it is a constant battle; I pull them up, they grow back, I pull them up, they grow back… rinse and repeat!

  2. Yay! More chicks! Can’t wait to hear more…and glad you’ve beaten the moles, hopefully once and for all!

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