Photo album: Raspberry beds, Walla Walla sweet onions, rhubarb, lettuce box, greenhouse in April, and baby chicks

Raspberry beds and composter

Raspberry beds and composter

In this picture you can see our two new raised beds for raspberries. Yesterday, Derek built the first set of supports for  the raspberry canes. You can also see the composter in this picture.  I’m mostly using this composter to quickly compost chicken and goat manure.  Since this composter will heat up more than a regular compost pile, the manure will break down faster and will be ready for use much sooner.

Walla Walla onions in a half wine barrel

Walla Walla onions in a half wine barrel

I densely planted these Walla Walla onion starts in this wine barrel so that I will be able to harvest young onions.  As I harvest the young onions, I will be creating space for the remaining onions to grow to their full, mature size.

Rhubarb, Crimson Red

Rhubarb, Crimson Red

The rhubarb, Crimson Red, is beginning to emerge from the ground.  I can’t wait until this plant matures (it can take a few years) so that I can make strawberry rhubarb crisp.

Greenhouse in April

Greenhouse in April

Here’s what the greenhouse raised beds look like early in April.  In the near bed, I am growing celery, carrots and brassicas (cabbage and broccoli).  The middle bed contains carrotes, lettuces and spinach, while in the far bed I have garlic and a few different types of onions.

Lettuce box

Lettuce box

I have both buttercrunch and romaine lettuce growing in this portable salad box.  I’ve already started harvesting the outside leaves of the plants in this box.  Early spring salad. Yummy!

Baby chicks, day 4

Baby chicks, day 4

The golden sex link chicks are now four days old.  So far, all seem quite healthy and spunky. Lily has been doing a very good job taking care of her babies.  The two of us have also started a baby chick video project that should be ready for viewing in a few months.  Stay tuned!

Happy gardening.


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4 Responses to Photo album: Raspberry beds, Walla Walla sweet onions, rhubarb, lettuce box, greenhouse in April, and baby chicks

  1. DoubleD says:

    Everything is looking wonderful Sandy! My husband and I were just talking about putting in the supports for our new raspberry patch and I was sketching some basic designs out for him – but when I showed him these pics of Derek’s supports – that pretty much clinched it for him on where he would go with the basic design and set up. I imagine my supports will end up looking alot like yours!

    The greenhouse beds are looking very productive and healthy. How has the temperature moderation and ventilation been with the ups and downs in temps we have experienced over the last few weeks? I have been having to really pay attention and open up the side windows on the warmer days. If I should forget – even with the automatic vents it can really get very hot in there in a hurry.

  2. sinfonian2 says:

    Great pics. I sure wish I had your space. /Sigh. You’re doing so well with it.

    My brother’s planning to put raspberries in his yard (just one crown I figure).

    I did my SWCs this weekend. Not sure if I’ll post on it today or tomorrow, but the assembly line idea worked great! Four of us made 8 SWCs in 5-6 hours including a long lunch, two trips to the hardware store, an hour of Wii fit and a long dinner. Hehe. Very fun day!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Chiot's Run says:

    Everything is looking good! I need to get a few more raised beds build here pretty soon. My onions & broccoli & cabbage need to go outside.

    I managed to get some asparagus planted this weekend and a few rock walls built around my new cherry tree.

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