Welcome Jasmine, our new Kinder goat

Jasmine, Kinder doeling

Jasmine, Kinder doeling

Join us in welcoming Jasmine, our new Kinder doeling, to our menagerie. Jasmine is the black and tan goat standing in the front of the picture, with Lucy and Harry behind her. Kinder goats, a cross between a Nubian and a Pygmy, are a “totally awesome goats in a small package.” We plan to breed Jasmine next year and then milk her.

Barred Rock pullet

Barred Rock pullet

When I was out taking pictures of Jasmine, our new Barred Rock hens (we added three pullets to the flock) were very curious about my camera. In fact, it was pecked a few times. I had to get a few close-ups of the ladies. Isn’t this one an inquisitive looking lady?



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2 Responses to Welcome Jasmine, our new Kinder goat

  1. Congrats on your new goat!

  2. kitsapfg says:

    Jasmine is a good looking young lady! Had to laugh at the young barred rock hen, chickens are such fun creatures sometimes.

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