The Basics: Learning about our energy usage

I automate all my payments.  Everything flows into and out of my accounts digitally, automatically, and that means aside from seeing the amounts when I review my spending, I usually do not see the details behind the payments for my bills.  This goes for my utility bills as well.  As I start this challenge, I actually do not know how much energy my family uses. I know generally how much I spend per month, but not what this translates into in terms of actual energy consumption. So, here is my electric bill.  I’ll hold off on gas usage for the time being, because I have a lot of questions about natural gas and think it would make a good topic to explore in the next few weeks.

Now I have some basic knowledge.  In June, we used 880 KWH.  This was down from 960 KWH the previous June.  We made two changes to how we use electricity in the last year: 1.  We changed all our bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, and 2. We replaced our water heater, which was previously gas.  Logically, you think we would be using more electricity. Could the compact fluorescent bulbs have that much impact?  I have no idea.  Is 880 KWH good or bad? Again, no idea. So this is my next step, to really understand our typical energy usage and how it is being used.


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