Green Barlett pears

Green Bartlett pears

After waiting nearly two weeks for them to ripen, the above box of green Bartlett pears has been transformed . . .

Pint jars of pears

Pint jars of pears

into 33 pints of canned pears. I do still find pears one of the most difficult canning projects, but it seemed a bit easier this year.  Derek was a huge help with the peeling. Thanks Derek!

Up next: Picking the last of my Shiro plums and making fruit leather and then moving on to processing tomatoes into sauce. I have a good tomato crop this year, but I’ll probably still buy a box or two of pears from the local fruit stand to supplement. I’ll definitely need to do this if I want to can tomato soup in addition to regular tomato sauce.

How is your food preserving coming along?



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3 Responses to Pears

  1. kitsapfg says:

    Those jars of pears look delicious – one of our all time favorite canned fruit. Doing one box is pretty ambitious but doing two of them is amazing. I have yet to do any canning. I have a freezer stuffed with produce though – kale, swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, braised red cabbage, peas, corn, and green beans. I am hoping warm weather this week will provide me with a flush of cucumbers so I can do a canning batch of dill pickle relish. Most of the rest of my canning will be done after I return from a trip to my mom’s in Spokane later this month. I always stop at the big fruit barns in Thorp and pick up the seasonal fruit – will probably be too late for pears this year but definitely will pick up boxes of apples and do apple sauce. I may have to grab a box of late season tomatoes then too to augment my gardens produce – but I will evaluate at that time. We have the potential with a warm and dry September to produce enough for our needs. Since it is the two of us now, I am finding we are not going through the tomato goods nearly as fast as we used to do. I have been freezing my tomatoes as they ripen to build up enough to do a batch of of sauce – since the tomatoes have been dribbling in this allows me to bank them up. Should get a larger flush of tomatoes in the next few weeks with the warm up and can do at least one batch of diced tomatoes from my own production.

  2. Wow, Sandy! That’s a lot of pears! Will you actually eat all of those? Or is this part of the X-mas present stash? I wish that photo was inspiring, but I have to say I feel exhausted just looking at it. 🙂 Congrats!

  3. Nancy says:

    Hmmm…*; ) Pears in tomato soup…it might just work!

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