Tomatoes, tomatillos, bruschetta, and peppers

In spite of the cool weather, my warm weather crops are ripening in the greenhouse. I’m not getting huge volumes, but enough to make a few dishes here and there. Recently, I harvested some tomatoes, tomatillos, and peppers. I used a few tomatoes to make a nice bruschetta today. Tomorrow, I’ll use some more tomatoes and the tomatillos to make a salsa. The peppers I have been eating raw, although I would like to find a good roasted red pepper recipe for canning. See how pretty everything is?

Tomatoes & tomatillos

Tomatoes & tomatillos

Fresh bruschetta and red peppers

Fresh bruschetta and red peppers

Happy eating! Oh, and let me know if you have a good roasted red pepper recipe for canning!



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2 Responses to Tomatoes, tomatillos, bruschetta, and peppers

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Very pretty! I am getting some odds and end ripe tomatoes too and the cukes and peppers are still hanging in there. I am hoping to stretch the tomato fresh harvest out as long as I can since we did not get any quantity this year.

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