Canning and late summer harvests

Peaches, cukes, and pickles

Peaches, cukes, and pickles

Even with the wimpy and slow-to-produce summer we’ve had, August is a busy time in the garden and the kitchen. It’s pretty common during this month for me to have multiple projects going on at the same time, as the picture above illustrates. Although I was able harvest peaches from my own tree this year, I didn’t have enough to can, beyond the peach jam I made, so I bought a few boxes of peaches from the farmers’ market.  Cucumbers, on the other hand, have been producing well in the greenhouse this year so I’ve been making refrigerator pickles with the recipe Laura posted on The Modern Victory Garden. Plus, I’ve been eating a whole lot of fresh cucumbers, which I love.

Peaches, peach pie filling, peach & blueberry pie filling

Peaches, peach pie filling, peach & blueberry pie filling

After making peaches in light syrup, I made a batch of peach pie filling.  When I realized that I had a bit more pie filling than anticipated, I made a second batch by adding a bunch of blueberries to the mix. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with fruit and berry combinations, so I feel pretty free about throwing different mixes together.

Yellow transparent applesauce

Yellow transparent applesauce

This week, I also processed a couple of boxes of yellow transparent apples into applesauce. In a few years, I should have enough apples off my own trees and won’t need to buy any at the market, but the orchard isn’t quite there yet.

A few other things harvested lately:

Various potatoes grown in a yard waste pile under straw

Various potatoes grown in a yard waste pile under straw

Italian sweet peppers

Italian sweet peppers

Shallots, on a drying table

Shallots, on a drying table

Happy gardening.



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9 Responses to Canning and late summer harvests

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Is there anything better than the smell of peaches? I think not! The peach pie filling and the peach/berry pie filling look particularly nice. I usually make a trip over to eastern Washington around this time of the year to visit my mom but I am delaying it a month this year. Problem is, I always use those trips to stop at the big produce barn at Thorp to purchase peaches, pears, and other items in bulk to can. I will pick up apples and other items that are later in the season though so I will not be without entirely. I sure hope there are still some pears then though – as they are my absolute favorite canned fruit.

    The sad thing is – I have yet to use my canner this year! I have been freezing everything so far and have not done a single bit of canning. That’s about to change though as I have a flush of cukes coming on and I will be doing a batch of dill pickle relish very soon and some dilly green beans too.

    Beautiful job on the canning – picture perfect!

  2. Dan says:

    Those canned peaches look so good. My mom was just talking about how she used to can them in syrup. Must try making some this year.

  3. vrtlarica says:

    I love canned peaches. Unfortunately, I don’t have any peach trees, so I buy them.

  4. Thomas says:

    WOW, you been busy. I’ve been canning to but not even close to your level. The applesauce looks awesome.

  5. thyme2garden says:

    As an aspiring canner who hasn’t started yet (I must first learn to grow enough of something, anything, to can), the quantity of your canned goods is really impressive! Your drying shallots look great. Do they grow just like onions? Nice to discover your blog through Harvest Monday.

  6. Laura, I’m sure you’ll be getting your canner out soon! I do find it quite satisfying to see the final product as I know you do as well.

    Dan, I’ve found the trick is to use the lightest syrup possible to avoid overwhelming the peaches with sugar.

    vrtlarica, I bought peaches for the ones I canned. My peach tree doesn’t produce enough to can this much. I just had enough for jam this year.

    Thanks Tom! I’ve been pretty busy with the canner this year. I should do an inventory of everything I’ve canned once the season ends.

    thyme2garden, yes, shallots growl like onions. You plant one bulb and then the shallots grow like onions, but form little bunches which I later break apart when I dry them.

  7. Daphne says:

    I can’t wait until I have fruit trees to pick from. I so love peaches. I’ve been buying them from the farmers market, but I’d rather be picking from my own tree.

  8. Okay, I am an underachiever in the canning department, it seems. Bravo on your exceptional larder–wow. I’m still in awe.

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