The jungle in the greenhouse

The greenhouse in June

The greenhouse in June

In just a few short weeks, the tiny little tomatoes I planted have turned my greenhouse into a jungle! Everything in the greenhouse is growing like crazy.  The cucumbers, melons, peppers, and more are all looking great.

Melon trellis

Melon trellis

This is the first year I am growing melon in the greenhouse.  I decided to use this cucumber/melon trellis that I found at Gardener’s Supply to save space.  This allows me to underplant the melon vines with shade happy plants, such as lettuce. So far, the system is working out well.

Mini sweet pepper in hanging planter

Mini sweet pepper in hanging planter

In addition to using the Topsy Turvy planters for tomatoes, I am also growing cucumbers and peppers. Here you can see fruit forming on a mini sweet pepper plant.

Hanging lemon cucumber plant

Hanging lemon cucumber plant

Last year, I planted a lemon cucumber in a Topsy Turvy planter and it did really well. I’m doing the same this year and already have fruit forming on this lemon cuke plant.

Pole bean towers

Pole bean towers

I planted two batches of pole beans at the same time and one has clearly been much faster to grow.  Santa Ana is on left and Spanish Musica is on the right.

Cinderella pumpkin plant

Cinderella pumpkin plant

In the half wine barrels, I planted a number of squash this year.  The barrels help me keep the weed situation under control, plus a more permanent home for squash and other sun intensive crops won’t be ready until we do a garden expansion sometime in the future. This plant is the antique French Cinderella pumpkin. I also have sugar pumpkin planted in another barrel.

Our pullets

Our pullets

Finally, I’ll end with a current shot of our pullets.  These young chickens are now about seven weeks old.  We have three Golden Sex Links and one Golden Laced Wyandotte.  I’m starting to think the Wyandotte might be a rooster.  I guess we’ll figure out whether this is the case in the next few months.  If it is, I’m not sure what we’ll do with it since we didn’t exactly plan to have a rooster as part of our flock. 

Well, that’s it for today. I hope everyone is ready for and excited about summer, which officially begins tomorrow, June 21st.

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7 Responses to The jungle in the greenhouse

  1. KitsapFG says:

    The greenhouse plants are really flourishing Sandy! I have super tiny mini bells forming – but yours is much bigger. I was interested in the cucumber support from Gardener’s supply I will be interested to hear updates from you on how that continues to work out.

    So what are you eating out the garden right now?

  2. sinfonian2 says:

    Great post! It’s amazing that your greenhouse allows you to grow heat loving plants with lettuce underneath. I figured it was heat and sun that did them in. Apparently it’s just sun. Cool! How hot is it during the heat of the day in there? Your heat loving plants are blowing mine away, and your tomatoes have caught up from my 2 month head start, hehe. Well done indeed.

    Sorry to hear that you may have a rooster in the group. Another garden buddy of mine has 2 out of 10, what a quandry for sure.

    I bet you have to hand pollinate your plants in there since I don’t think bees get in too often. Of course I hand pollinate also just to be sure, so it’s no more work. Just a thought.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi DoubleD – We’re eating a lot of different things right now: Carrots, lettuce, peas (lots of peas), chard, strawberries, radishes, as well as using herbs like chives. Can’t wait for the cucumbers to be ready though!

    Rich – I’m planting “slow to bolt” lettuce in the greenhouse. Also, I keep the side panels open during the day, which keeps it from getting too warm and allows bees to get in. I’ve actually done very little hand pollination in the greenhouse and fruit is forming nicely.

  4. Dan says:

    Your greenhouse has certainly turned into a jungle! I like how you stuck the plant tag into the topsy’s. I will have to use that idea for mine.

  5. Libby says:

    I know what you mean about jungles… I was away racing sailboats for three days and came home to waist high corn, five-foot tall tomato plants and pumpkins snaking across the yard. Isn’t it fun!

    My spring planting of lettuce is just about gone. I’m wondering if there are varieties that would survive in the summer sun… we have been loving the fresh salads.

  6. I have serious greenhouse, yard and cucumber trellis envy! Great work on the garden & greenhouse!

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