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Who could resist a pear like a “fine, rich buttery chardonnay”?

The seed  and plant catalogues have been arriving in droves.  I’m the target market, they know it, and the marketing efforts have been successful.  About a week ago I placed an order for all the seeds I should need this … Continue reading

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December utility bill, snow, snow, snow, and animal husbandry in a frozen tundra

Our December utility bill (covering mid November to mid December) shows our best energy reduction results so far. Our daily average K HW usage for electricity was down 17%.  Our daily average THRM usage for natural gas was down 34%.  There are two primary reasons for … Continue reading

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Photo album: Greenhouse in November, peppers, mache, lettuce, grow lights, and more

We finished building the main greenhouse structure and the beds within the greenhouse in early September. We didn’t actually finish the project, however, and likely won’t finish it until next spring or summer.  First, we have some automatically opening vents … Continue reading

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Greenhouse: Under the polycarbonate

I’ve received a few emails from people curious to know more about the greenhouse.  When I started researching greenhouse options, I primarily looked at kits.  There are numerous online and catalogue retailers that sell all shapes and sizes of greenhouses.  I had … Continue reading

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It ain’t easy being green

I’ve already acknowledged my energy illiteracy. I’ve also acknowledged that I have much to learn about modern homesteading. This means that decisions that we used to be able to make quickly now require becoming more informed, and this takes time. … Continue reading

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