Pie cherries

Montmorency pie cherries

Montmorency pie cherries

Pie cherries are a lovely fruit and fortunately they grow well in the Pacific Northwest. We grow Montmorency pie cherries, which offer a classic tart pie cherry flavor. Unfortunately, after changing up our garden plans, I attempted to move an already established Montmorency tree a few years ago. It hasn’t died, but it does look puny and it isn’t producing a lot of fruit. To remedy this problem, I planted a replacement tree, but it will take a few years to get established. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the small crops that we’re getting. The above batch is destined to be mixed with strawberries for a pie cherry and strawberry jam.



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3 Responses to Pie cherries

  1. …and while she picked these, I was standing guard in case the damn rooster decided her be-sandaled toes looked tempting to attack…

  2. kitsapFG says:

    Wow those look good. And good work Derek protecting Sandy while she was harvesting!

  3. My pie cherries are just about ready to pick. Now if I can only convince the robins to back off!

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