'Glacier' cherries

‘Glacier’ cherries

It’s cherry season! Not all cherries do well in our cooler Seattle weather, so I am happy to report that the Glacier cherry tree we planted a few years ago is doing well and providing tasty cherries. In addition to the Glacier, I have a Montmorency pie cherry which produces reliable and a super finicky Ranier cherry which is about to get pulled from the garden. It is more pest prone and we get minimal crops. Our newest cherry, a Tehranivee planted this spring, is too new to produce a crop yet. It comes well recommended for our area so, hopefully, next year we’ll be able to sample a few.



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3 Responses to Cherries

  1. Little Sis says:

    Wow. So very jealous. Good luck and enjoy! Hope the new one works out as well as the other!

  2. kitsapfg says:

    Both those look delicious! Cherries are so incredibly expensive that they are a valuable crop to grow if you can do so successfully.

  3. It’s really nice to have these cherries! I can’t wait until the trees are a bit bigger and I get larger harvests.

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