Weather shmeather, gardening goes on

I’m not going to whine about the weather. And I’m not going to think about the 10-day forecast I just read. Now, on to happier topics.

Cucumber trellis, cukes, pepper, and lettuce

Cucumber trellis, cukes, pepper, and lettuce

Most of my recent gardening efforts have been inside the greenhouse. This weekend, I finished planting my warm weather crops. I set up the cucumber trellises and planted planted Marketmore, Lemon, Alibi, and Bush cucumber plants.  As you can see, I’m continuing to grow lettuce under the cucumber trellis.  I did this last year and it worked out well.

Greenhouse tomatoes at the end of May

Greenhouse tomatoes at the end of May

Flowering Roma tomato

Flowering Roma tomato

The tomatoes are putting on more growth and I’m seeing more and more flowers.

Outside of the greenhouse, my bean plants have emerged from the ground.  I’m starting to see the first pea plant flowers and the blueberries are transitioning from flowering to showing early fruit growth. Speaking of fruit, in the next few weeks I’ll do a pollination report and provide a fuller view of how I expect the orchard to do this year.

Pepper seedling with some extra growth

Pepper seedling with some extra growth

I’m still not going to whine about the weather, but take a look at this little guy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this level of mildew or mold or whatever it is in a seedling pot before.  And this one has been inside the greenhouse!

In spite of it all, I hope you are happily gardening.



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2 Responses to Weather shmeather, gardening goes on

  1. kitsapfg says:

    Boy I hear you Sandy! The greenhouse crops all look really great. I am increasingly of the opinion that a greenhouse is a necessity in our climate in order to ensure you get some kind of a harvest even when we have cabbage years (prolonged wet and cold). I am thankful that I have as many tomatoes in the greenhouse as I do – as they may be my best hope for a decent tomato crop this year.

  2. I’m trying hard not to whine about the weather either. I have a great crop of slugs this year. I’m also kicking myself for not getting the mushroom logs going this spring. I have a fine crop of those coming up in my sponge..I mean lawn right now. It’s a great time to be a duck. How do you pollinate everything in the greenhouse?

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