Early spring gardening and delayed gratification

Grapes in September

Grapes in September

One nice thing about keeping a gardening blog is that you can go back to previous posts and remember what you did and enjoyed about the year before. This is especially nice when the garden requires lots of work but isn’t really producing that much yet. Yesterday was a perfect example of the need to keep future gratification in mind while doing a, well, less than fun task.  To be clear, less than fun is a euphemism for pain in the ass. Pruning grapes growing over a 10h X 13 X 30 foot a pergola is the definition of pain in the ass.  But I did it and the grapes will be better off, and hopefully more productive, as a result.  Thanks to Hip Chick Digs for the timely grape pruning tutorial.

Shiro plum in March

Shiro plum in March

I’ll end today of a picture of the Shiro plum, in full bloom.  The sun was out yesterday and the bees were buzzing around, so hopefully the tree will be nicely pollinated.  I have to say this tree has been the easiest tree with the most reliable crops, so I imagine we’ll be able to look forward to a nice yellow plum harvest again this year.

Basket of Shiro plums

Basket of Shiro plums

Happy gardening.


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4 Responses to Early spring gardening and delayed gratification

  1. kitsapFG says:

    The Shiro plum tree is beautiful in bloom. I was fortunate to be a recipient of excess shiro plums from a local gardeneer last summer and they were delicious. Lucky you to have one in your orchard.

  2. I can see the flourishing garden already!

  3. Wow that’s a big pergola – how many grape vines do you have to cover it? I just put in 2 in the span across my drive and I’m nervous it was too much.

  4. Kathy M says:

    Hi, I live in east King county and am considering planting grapes. I was wondering what variety of grape you grow. Thanks! Kathy

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