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Is it jam or is it jelly?

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve had a really nice crop of grapes this year.  I lost the label for this particular grape variety, but it is a light red, almost pink, seedless grape that clearly does well in the Pacific … Continue reading

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Roo – Isn’t he pretty?

Last March, we bought four baby chicks, mostly because the kids really wanted baby chicks.  We had enough room in our coop/chicken run to increase our flock from five to nine, so we went ahead with the chicks.  Originally, the … Continue reading

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Summer in a jar

As we head into the tail end of September, the harvest continues going strong.  Today, I harvested a good amount of Italian sauce tomatoes and found enough additional produce and seasonings to make a batch of tomato sauce.  Above, you … Continue reading

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Pickle help needed!

OK, about a month ago I started a batch of deli-style pickles, following (to a T) the recipe in the Ball Complete Guide to Home Preservation book. The pickles are supposed to sit in the brine for at least three … Continue reading

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This is what an Italian prune should look like

One of the best things about having a small home orchard is being able to eat tree-ripened fruit.  Even when I shop at a local farmers’ market, I find that the fruit is often a bit on the green side, … Continue reading

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The fruits of my labor

As the summer winds to an end and I have time to reflect on my gardening efforts over the last few months, I’ve come to realize that there are some things I enjoy growing much more than others. At the … Continue reading

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