This is what an Italian prune should look like

Ripe Italian prune

Ripe Italian prune

One of the best things about having a small home orchard is being able to eat tree-ripened fruit.  Even when I shop at a local farmers’ market, I find that the fruit is often a bit on the green side, probably because it has a longer shelf life for selling when picked somewhat green.  The Italian prunes I bought a few weeks ago at a market took over a week to ripen enough to eat – and then the consistency was a little bit wrong somehow.  Above you can see what an Italian prune should look like, with the dark purple skin and golden orange flesh.  This Italian prune was picked fully ripe off the tree.  So tasty!


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3 Responses to This is what an Italian prune should look like

  1. CraftTeaLady says:

    I have to say, prune plums are my favorite too. 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    That looks delicious!

  3. KitsapFG says:

    I can almost taste it! The flesh looks lucious and sweet.

    I really wish I had room on the property to establish a fruit orchard. There is no place left though that get’s adequate sun and my husband will not even discuss taking down some trees.

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