Roo – Isn’t he pretty?

Roo the Golden Laced Wyandotte rooster

Roo the Golden Laced Wyandotte rooster

Last March, we bought four baby chicks, mostly because the kids really wanted baby chicks.  We had enough room in our coop/chicken run to increase our flock from five to nine, so we went ahead with the chicks.  Originally, the plan was to buy three Golden Sex Link chicks because the color of the chick determines the girls from the boys and it is easy to avoid getting rooster.  While there, I decided to throw in one more chick just for fun, the Golden Laced Wyandotte. Of course, it turned out to be a rooster.  He sure is a pretty bird though – and not too obnoxious – so we are planning to keep him.



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3 Responses to Roo – Isn’t he pretty?

  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    He is pretty. We hear him every morning right after 6am.

  2. One of ours turned out to be a rooster this year as well so we took him out to a farm in Issaquah to live out his days, however many they turned out to be. I have one more that I’m waiting anxiously to see the outcome of as well. He is gorgeous!

  3. KitsapFG says:

    I think chickens are an attractive bird anyway, byt the roosters of many breeds are just downright gorgeous. This fellow is definitely in that category. Handsome!

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