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The ladies are going gangbusters

I haven’t posted about the ladies for a while. This is our third year with chickens. Right now, we have a flock of seven hens. We’ve got one Australorp, one Barred Rock, two New Hampshires, one Golden Sexlink, and two … Continue reading

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Jam season and the ladies’ new home

Although the weather remains more clouds than sun, the temperature has been inching up week after week and the garden is progressing. Yesterday, I picked 3 pounds of strawberries from the strawberry patch. This was from the old patch that … Continue reading

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New coop and a visit from a long lost friend

We recently decided to add a second coop, this one in the goat pasture. We plan to use the new coop as the primary one and the existing coop as the home for chicks/pullets or any sick hens we might … Continue reading

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Muck and other yucky stuff

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a teenage nephew in want of money will be willing to muck out a goat barn. Thankfully, this was the case today. Following of the “deep bedding” methodology, we don’t clean out the goat barn often.  We layer … Continue reading

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Birds and bees and kiwi

After a brief winter hiatus, the chickens are now laying at normal levels again.  From our eight chickens, we’re getting 5 – 6 eggs a day, which translates into over three dozen eggs a week.  For a family of four, that … Continue reading

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Dang, it’s cold!

Derek here. It has been a while since either of us posted. It has also been cold (at least for the Puget Sound region) over the last week – getting down into the low teens or even lower. Unfortunately, this … Continue reading

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