Red, white, and blue in the garden

While it is a day belated, I wanted to celebrate the 4th this year by showing the red, white, and blue currently in the garden.

Raspberries in raised beds

Raspberries in raised beds

 The Red

Earlier this year, we built two new raised beds for our raspberries.  A few years ago, we planted a number of raspberries canes directly in the ground, but it was a nightmare to keep the bed weeded.  It has been much easier to keep the raspberries weeded in the new beds.  Although most of the canes are new this year (we did move a few from the old planting) we are getting a nice crop of raspberries.

"Teddy Bear" Shasta Daisy

"Teddy Bear" Shasta Daisy

 The White

I’ve been planting more and more Shasta Daisies in my yard.  They are low-maintenance, bloom for a long time, and make nice flowers for a bouquet.  The also work well with our somewhat rustic (meaning a bit wild and out of control) landscaping.  This Shasta Daisy is particularly nice.  The variety is “Teddy Bear” and it has a nice ruffled petals.

Blueberries, ready to harvest

Blueberries, ready to harvest

 The Blue

We’ve had an usually dry spring and early summer.  This has allowed the blueberries to begin maturing weeks before they would during a more typical year.  This is a bush that I planted last year and it is doing really well it its new home.

I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July!



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2 Responses to Red, white, and blue in the garden

  1. KitsapFG says:

    Very patriotic garden Sandy! The raspberries and blueberries look quite tempting.

  2. Nancy says:

    Beautiful Berries!

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