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Here comes the rain: Barrels, clotheslines, firing up the furnace, and chocolate zucchini bread

Summer in Seattle is short and can end abruptly.  In the last week, we’ve gone from days in the 80s to barely hitting 60, with lots of rain to boot. The change in weather has impact on many aspects of … Continue reading

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Homegrown Revolution

We’ve been very busy this week working on the greenhouse (putting in insulation and shelves) and planting fall crops. So far, we’ve planted onions, lettuce, radishes, spinach, chard, peas, broccoli, and cabbage. I’m also trying a greenhouse-friendly cucumber variety. We’ll … Continue reading

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School days (and carpooling woes), more chickens, and lettuce success

With the start of school, our effort to carpool is falling apart. Previously, our two kids attended the same school. This made it very easy for Derek and I to drop them off at their school and then head to … Continue reading

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Greenhouse: Under the polycarbonate

I’ve received a few emails from people curious to know more about the greenhouse.  When I started researching greenhouse options, I primarily looked at kits.  There are numerous online and catalogue retailers that sell all shapes and sizes of greenhouses.  I had … Continue reading

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