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I can’t help it, I love setting the thermostat to 72

I have a bad habit that has to change next cold weather season. I don’t like being cold. I grew up in a house that only had wood heat and I love, love, love central forced air heating systems. I … Continue reading

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Sure, I’ll pay more! Green energy programs

After discovering that we used 880 KWHs in June, I decided to learn more about how these 880 KWHs of electricty were created.  I went to my friendly local utility Web site, Puget Sound Energy, and found quite a bit … Continue reading

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First Steps: A rough draft of our zero fossil fuel plan

When we first moved into this house, aside from the scary-ass grey shag carpet and the popcorn on the ceiling, we noticed that (a) there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot of insulation in the crawl spaces (attic & … Continue reading

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The Basics: Learning about our energy usage

I automate all my payments.  Everything flows into and out of my accounts digitally, automatically, and that means aside from seeing the amounts when I review my spending, I usually do not see the details behind the payments for my … Continue reading

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Game On! Al Gore, we accept your challenge

Welcome to The Zero Fossil Fuel 10 Year Challenge. This site was created in response to Al Gore’s challenge to America to get to zero fossil fuel-based energy usage within 10 years. I am a mom in a so-called typical … Continue reading

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